13 effective ways your startup can use Periscope to grow the business

13 effective ways your startup can use PeriscopeBy now, most digital-savvy startups are not only popping up on Pinterest and Facebook, but also on Snapchat and Instagram. Visual and video-driven storytelling give startups a tremendous opportunity to reach new (and younger) customers. But how can entrepreneurs take full advantage of the live video platform, Periscope?

To find out, I asked 13 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what strategies are most beneficial for companies using the popular social app. Their best answers are below….read more


The Questions I Ask Myself When Making Tough Decisions

The Questions I Ask Myself When Making Tough DecisionsI’ve had to make some tough decisions in my career. For example, should we institute a big lay-off in 2010, or double-down by hiring more trainees? (More trainees.) Should I fight my boss to return client funds, lost in poorly constructed products in the 2008 downturn? (I did, and lost my job over it.) After that, should I return to big business or start my own business? (I’ve started Ellevest, a digital investment platform targeted to women.)

I’m sometimes asked how I work through tough, high-stakes decisions. I do all of the analyses you might expect; I work though all the pluses and minuses. But here are three questions that I always ask myself, and always give me some clarity:….read more

Three Big Things That Can Derail Your Career

 Three Big Things That Can Derail Your CareerCareers are unpredictable and go through many kinds of changes. There is no single path that works for everyone and no single strategy that can insure a perfect career arc. Despite all the advice about what makes a person successful, there is probably more to be said about avoiding the things that undermine success. Some of these actually are predictable, and three are important for everyone:……..read more

Woman shares story of homeless man helping her after being stranded in London

Girl-and-homeless-manLONDON — A woman who recently found herself without a roof for the night after missing the last train home from London was so inspired by how her evening was transformed by a homeless man that she took to Facebook to share her story.

After spending the day in London, Nicole Sedgebeer missed her last train back to Milton Keynes — leaving her without shelter until the next train the following morning……read more

My First Career Lesson: Know When to Ask a Stupid Question

My First Career Lesson: Know When to Ask a Stupid QuestionI was 17, fresh out of high school, feeling completely out of place in a Washington, D.C., newsroom stacked with grizzled editors. It was my first day.

My boss, Reginald Stuart, told me he needed some papers faxed. Seeing as I’d just left the 12th grade about a month before, I’d never had reason to use a fax machine. He handed me the papers and the cover sheet, and continued typing.

“O.K.,” I said. “Where’s the fax machine, and how do I work it?”

He glanced up briefly. “Ask somebody.”

Months earlier I’d won a national competition sponsored by Knight Ridder, a corporation that owned the newspapers including the Detroit Free Press, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Jose Mercury News. Along with a much-needed scholarship to help with college costs, I had a guaranteed paid internship every summer, starting with this one. It was a big step up from the summer job I’d had the previous two summers, a day camp counselor for elementary schoolers…..read more




Only agriculture has the potential to reboot the economy

Only agriculture has the potential to reboot the economyAt a time when the global economy shows no signs of revival, and with Russia and Japan faced with recession, emerging economies like Brazil and South Africa in dire straits; and with no silver lining visible as far as domestic industrial growth is concerned, all eyes are on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on how he plans to sustain economic growth that eventually leads to a job-led growth.

Growth without jobs is meaningless. For the past 12 years, despite a high growth rate, it has largely been a jobless growth with only 15 million jobs created during the 10-years of the UPA regime…..read more


12 creative photo manipulations that tell stories through illusions

Photoshop_challenge_roundupLast week, we partnered with Dell to bring you a community challenge themed around photo manipulation and illusions.

We saw a mix of photography, graphic design and digital illustration — and many submissions told beautiful stories through their abstract compositions.

he contest celebrated the launch of Dell’s new XPS laptop, which boasts the world’s first virtually borderless display with an incredibly sharp resolution. Congratulations to Max Bailey, who was selected among participants to win a new XPS 13 laptop…….read more



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Facebook launches new website to help nonprofits master the platform

Facebook_nonprofitConnecting with supporters in the social sphere just got a little easier for nonprofits — at least on Facebook.

The social media giant announced a new website on Thursday dedicated to resources for nonprofits and NGOs to get the most out of their Facebook Pages. The new site reads like an extensive instruction manual, covering everything from setting up a Page to building a support network of “likes,” and it also includes a step-by-step guide covering how to use the platform’s latest fundraising tools…..read more

Why People Were Saying, RIP Twitter!

Why People Were Saying, RIP Twitter!I’ve been a huge fan of Twitter since adopting it maybe a few years after its inception. It changed everything, and made social more real-time than ever before. So many things have changed in the 10 years that Twitter has been around and the reality is that people just don’t understand it anymore, making it really difficult for Twitter to convert causal visitors into active users.

Twitter stands out among Facebook and LinkedIn and such because of it’s differing platform and features, it’s literal, real-time nature. But the things that have kept Twitter’s loyal following dedicated to its platform are the very things that may be killing it…..read more


Ben Stiller’s son does a pretty fierce Blue Steel

BluesteelthumbBeing ridiculously good looking tends to run in the family — but having what it takes be a true supermodel isn’t always a given.

But Ben Stiller’s son, Quinlin, gave his dad — and reigning supermodel dynasty the Hadids/Fosters — a run for their money by replicating Derek Zoolander’s classic Blue Steel pose at the Zoolander 2 premiere…..read more