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Why Firewood Makes So Much Sense In Rural England

Have you been searching for a fuel that is not only efficient but environmentally-friendly as well? If so, the search is over, seasoned firewood is your calling! Many people love the look and feel of flickering flames through a log fire, however, there are a number of urban myths surrounding the burning of firewood.

Let’s break down some of these myths by chatting with a local tree surgeon before you order your next stack of firewood. Or maybe you just have a few trees on your property that are looking a little unkept and over-sized?

Despite what people may think, tree surgeons, are not hacks who run around with a chainsaw happy to tear down any tree they see. In fact, they are professional conservationists who work hard to preserve the overall look of the British countryside as it stands. They will be able to advise you on the best way to care for the trees on your property and help you understand if surgery is the best option, which will provide you with a stockpile of firewood.

And while you would not let an unqualified surgeon work on your body, you should not let an unqualified surgeon work on your trees.

When dealing with sustainability, tree surgeons have a keen interest to ensure there are numerous amounts of trees to fule log fires in the generations to come. The harvesting of wood from a sustainable source is essential in their line of work. There are a number of tree surgeons that sell firewood through the efforts of their tree surgery work. Many times, they will be called in bt property owners and landowners in an effort to take care of dangerous or downed trees. The wood that they collect will often be cut into logs and properly seasoned to be sold as firewood.

Unlike traditional fossil fuels, firewood adds virtually no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the trees are a renewable resource. Replanting will typically follow the removal of a dead tree, which provides a sustainable source of firewood for future generations. Through the careful thinning and copping of woodlands helps to prevent the decline and loss of woodland wildlife as well.

In addition to making financial and environmental sense for a homeowner, selecting logs as the major source of heating plays a vital role in rural economics, through the local employment and sustainable development.

The next time you see a worker with a chainsaw, take a few minutes and strike up a conversation. You will be rather surprised at just how passionate and knowledgeable they are in terms of the environment.